Lesley University Rebrand 2013

I worked for Lesley University on a small, close-knit team, within the marketing department to help re-brand the school with a more appropriate look that represents the creative aspects of the school.  This campaign was centered around the idea that "creativity is the foundation of all that we do". There are a variety of different print materials and campaign pieces that I was involved with. Above is the entire MBTA campaign that took over Harvard Square and Porter Square T-stops.

View the PDF Titan created with all of the MBTA campaign work here.

^  Banners I designed for Lesley University's University Hall on Massachusetts Avenue in Porter Square, Cambridge Ma.

A street level construction sign that I designed to be hung on the fence in front of the Lunder Arts Center construction site.

Lesley University Marketing / Print Collateral

Lesley University Marketing / Print Collateral

^  Examples of direct mail pieces and print collateral that I designed.

^  An undergraduate welcome packet that I designed accompanied by two of the seven inserts that go in it.

^  A pocket folder with financial aid award guide insert I redesigned with the new brand.

View the pocket folder PDF here.

View the inserts PDF here.

^  Three ads I created for Lesley Unviersity.  The first is for the masters degree in Mindfulness, the second is a Massachusetts Teachers Association Ad to promote masters degrees in literacy (also in a digital format: 2014 Winter issue) and the third is for tricycle.com promoting Mindfulness Studies.

View the MTA Today Ad here.

^  Quick screens and a podium logo I designed for events at Lesley University.  On the left is Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. when he came to talk at Lesley in January 2014.

View the article here.